Quality-Made logistics

As we offer a complete shipping solution, we know we can deliver. No matter what combination of transport options you need, we can get your shipment to where it needs to be. Even through those really difficult projects, we think it’s important to keep a smile on our faces and pick up the phone to talk. Through the depth and breadth of the relationships we have developed over the years, we can work closely with customs to prevent delays and keep your goods on the move. It’s an approach that’s seen us ship everything from motorcycle parts to vital medical equipment to every part of the world.
Our Values
​Teamwork, we accomplish goals and objectives through the power of working together.
Respect, we believe that the positive spirit of an organization is a reflection of the respect that its employees have for each other and for the company.
Ownership, we believe that the
credibility and reputation of a company is a result of the actions of its employees. We believe that employees should take pride  and responsibility for their work, and also cherish the ability to work as a part of our strong team.
Boundary-less, we believe that there are no boundaries when it comes to thinking at SQL. Employees are encouraged to be innovative and to think "outside of the box." Our employees are active partners in our efforts to develop the creative strategic thinking necessary to overcome obstacles and apply solutions